Declaration of the company shareholding reform

Author:Declaration of the company shareholding reform Time:2016-03-24 09:44:09

Declaration of the company shareholding reform


It is hereby announced that: on the basis of Henan Yuanyang Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. the fifth shareholders’ meeting of resolutions, the company decide to official proceed the shareholding reform, and pass the Changyuan County Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce check and approved, the company rename to “Henan Yuanyang Powder Technology Co., Ltd.”.


In the middle of September, 2015, the company has been audited by correlative accounting firm, and correlative assets appraisal company assets appraisal. And pass the shareholders’ meeting deliberation, started the shareholding structural adjustment, the company after reformed will inherit all the original asset, business, creditor’s rights, debt and all of other equity, right, obligation.


Now, all of the shareholding reform procedures, correlation register and modification procedure have been finished. Since the date of this announcement, the company will be officially operation the new business by the new company. We will insist the concept of creating value for customers, we sincerely provide customers with quality products and services.



Henan Yuanyang Powder Technology Co., Ltd.

December 29, 2015