High Purity Spherical Aluminum Powder          Chemical Content
Al(%) Min Impurity Content (PPM)Max
Cu Fe Si H2O
99.9 50 150 150 200


Typical Applications
1. Top class metal pigments
2. Solar paste
3. Powder metallurgy, new materials
4. Chemical industry
5. Fire-resistant materials
6. New construction materials
7. Aviation, military
8. Electronic materials
9. Auto parts
10. Conduct electricity, heat conduction material
11. Heating material for food bags
12. Other applications

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Releated Products
  • FLPN1.5


    spherical aluminum powder,Silver-gray appearance, low moisture content. Good sphericity, high tap density.
  • High Purity 200Mesh

    High Purity 200Mesh

    Internal structure of powder is well-distributed and compact. Good tractility. Good working quality.
  • FLPG25


    Used in top class metal pigments