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Quality assurance


The company has Henan Province Aluminum Powder Engineering Technology Research Center, Xinxiang City Micro-Spherical Aluminum Powder Research Center, 36 scientific and technical personnel directly or indirectly engaged in the research and development of new technologies and new products, accounting for 24% of the company's total number of personnel, and has a scientific research base area 670 square meters, the pilot plant area is 1300 square meters. Equipped with complete research and development experimental equipment and advanced analysis and testing equipment, such as: STM-1500 centralized aluminum melting furnace, HDN-295-150 nitrogen generator, COXEM scanning electron microscope, Malvern 2000 laser particle size analyzer, Optima8000 inductively coupled plasma spectrometer , ON-3000 Oxygen and Nitrogen Analyzer, etc. The total value of instruments and equipment is more than 9.87 million yuan, which can carry out production process research and pilot trials of new products such as aluminum powder and aluminum-based alloy powder.

Quality assurance

Instrument Name: ICP Spectrometer Specification Model: PerkinElmer Optima 8000

Introduction to the instrument: It has the advantages of high sensitivity, good stability, small matrix effect, wide linear range and simultaneous determination of multiple elements. It can analyze all metal elements in the periodic table, and the detection limit is below 1ppb. At the same time, it can analyze most non-metal elements, such as As, Se, P, S, Si, Te, etc., with a detection limit of less than 10ppb.

Quality assurance

Instrument Name: Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope Specification Model: COXI EM EM-20

Introduction to the instrument: using advanced electronic optics design, SE imaging resolution is 7nm at 20KV, suitable for micron and submicron scale morphology characterization. Standard configuration motor-driven sample stage, high-speed turbomolecular pump vacuum system. All functions can be automatically operated by NanoStation computer navigation. In addition to the automatic function, it also has a manual adjustment function, making the EM-20 almost have all the adjustment functions of a mainframe.

Quality assurance

Instrument Name: Oxygen and Nitrogen Analyzer Specification Model: Steel Research Nake ON-3000

Instrument introduction: The oxygen and nitrogen analyzer can quickly and accurately measure the oxygen and nitrogen content in steel, rare earth materials, alloys, copper, zirconium, titanium, ceramics, powder materials and other inorganic materials. The instrument has the advantages of high sensitivity, good performance, wide measurement range and accurate and reliable analysis results.

Quality assurance

Instrument name: Wet laser particle size analyzer Specification model: Mastersize 2000E

Introduction to the instrument: 2000E has a wide measurement range: the particle size of the measurement material ranges from 0.1µm to 1000µm, without changing the lens, and can accurately measure emulsions, suspensions and dry powder substances. It has a series of semi-automatic sample dispersion devices, "plug and play" cassette system, which can quickly switch between the dispersion devices, and has the function of automatically identifying the dispersion device being used by the software. It has high accuracy and repeatability from instrument to instrument.

Quality assurance

Instrument name: Dry laser particle size analyzer Specification model: SYMPATEC HELOS&RODOS

Instrument introduction: SYMPATEC HELOS&RODOS does not require any dispersants and solvents; and the test accuracy is fast, and the analysis efficiency is high. It only takes a few seconds from sample injection to output results; each time it can test the sample volume from milligrams to kilograms; uniquely designed with self The decentralized system with cleaning function does not need to be disassembled and cleaned. It can continuously test many different materials without causing mutual cross-contamination. The system automatically recycles waste materials, which is beneficial to environmental protection and reuse.

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